Sunday, June 19, 2011

Long Beach International City Bank Half and Full Marathon Training Program

Training for the 2011 Long Beach International City Bank Marathon & Half Marathon kicked into high gear on Saturday, June 18, 2011. Runners from around the south land arrived in beautiful Whaley Park (5620 Atherton Street) in Long Beach to participate in a unique training program conducted by Run Racing to train runners for the half and full Long Beach Marathon.

Run Racing coach Jacob (left) and runner Brian (right)
I had the chance to meet up with group for a amiable run around the scenic tree lined streets of Long Beach. Since the program is just starting, the run consisted of a 3.5 or 4.5 mile loop around the California State University Long Beach campus.

Run Racing coaches leading runners in streches before running.
As one would expect, the CSULB campus boulevards are wide and very runner friendly. But there is another reason for familiarizing runners with the Long Beach campus: mile 17 through mile 20 of the full Long Beach Marathon run this same training course. Just when runners typically feel the wind slipping from their sails, they will hit the welcoming campus streets, site of their Saturday workouts. This builds positive associations in the runner's mind, and helps to pull them through to mile 20, where the rest of the marathon is only a 10K run away! And on race day, there is the added motivation of cheering Cal State students!

Run Racing coaches Jake (left) and Jacob (right)

On Saturday I met Run Racing coaches Jacob and Jake. Jake was politely dismissive of his own running talent, modestly acknowledging a recent 2:53 marathon finish and 1:15 half marathon run. Obviously experienced in the marathon, the coaches (which included Run Racing race director Jason Bruton) lead the runners through an extensive series of warm-ups before hitting the streets.

Running on the California State University Long Beach campus.

I opted for the 4.5 mile loop, and found myself running with Brian. My Saturday run with Brian perfectly illustrates why training with a group brings the kind of results it is almost impossible to achieve with solo running. Between breathing hard, I had to remark to Brian that his pace was, honestly, a little harder than what I usually run. Still, with my USATF t-shirt on, I felt I had to make an effort to hang with Brian for at least a mile. In the end, Brian and I traded the lead a few times. When we checked our pace, I discovered the last two miles were right around a 7:00 minute pace. Not bad! Left to my own, I'm sure I would have been happy with a 8:00 pace, but that's the great thing about training with a group. You can find a partner to challenge yourself and the motivation to push harder than your solo running comfort level.

Run Racing pace leader wins a USATF Road Mile Championships t-shirt!
It is not too late to jump into the Long Beach Marathon Training Program. Contact Jason Bruton for registration questions: The program costs $175, and includes entry into the Long Beach Full or Half Marathon, plus you get other cool training gear: workout bag, T-shirt, etc. And remember, the Long Beach International City Bank Half Marathon is the USATF Southern California 2011 Half Marathon Championships race. USATF will have additional medals in 13 age-group categories, three-deep for our USATF members, plus additional prizes. I am already registered, and hope to see you at the starting line on Sunday, October 9!

Enjoying some post-run refreshments in Whaley Park, Long Beach, CA.
Sunday, June 19, 2011
Wayne Joness
Open Athletics, Long Distance Running Chair

Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 SCA Road Running Grand Prix - Brentwood 5K Results

2011 SCA Road Running Grand Prix
2011 Brentwood 5K
Sunday - May 29, 2011

Open 1st: Mark Steyvers, M-41, 16:05, Karla Alburez, F-25, 17:11
Open 2nd: Michael Cortez, M-31, 17:00, Adrienne Schumm, F-25, 17:49
Open 3rd: Mark Gieseker, M-20, 17:10, Cambria Wu, F-32, 18:09

Masters 1st: Mark Steyvers, M-41, 16:05, Tania Fischer, F-45, 17:26
Masters 2nd: Jon Megeff, M-47, 16:31, Nathalie Higley, F-41, 17:46
Masters 3rd: Rich Gust, M-52, 17:13 Alison Atkinson, F-44, 17:50

Monday, June 6, 2011

SCA Jim Bush Track & Field Championships Results

2011 SCA Jim Bush Track & Field Championships
2011 USATF West Region Track & Field Championships
Saturday - June 4, 2011
Mt San Antonio College