Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Runner's Circle - A Community of Running

"A Runner's Circle" - the very name of this Los Feliz/Glendale running store suggests a different philosophy towards running. "A runner's circle," calls to mind a gathering a friends, a meeting of folks who just share a common passion for running. Owner Joe Matias has built his successful business around the idea of simply helping people to share the joy of running. I made a trip last week to visit ARC on the occasion of their annual election of ARC club officers.

ARC officer elections, July 21, 2011
I was looking forward to stopping by for several reasons: it is hard to find a shoe store more supportive of USATF. The first ARC running singlet I saw was worn by Tove Berg, an elite runner sponsored by ARC. Berg battled through torrential downpours at the 2008 Dana Point Turkey Trot to win the USATF Southern California 10K Championships title in 35:49. But she was just part of the USATF affiliated ARC running team. ARC requires all the pace leaders of their very popular Thursday fun runs to be members of USATF, and regularly stresses the importance of being a USATF member.

ARC President Tricia Dunn
The Thursday fun runs offer several options to runners. My knee had developed a slight twinge since I added in a second track workout a few weeks ago, so I was looking forward to the 5 mile trail run on paths that cross through Griffith Park, adjacent to the ARC store. There is also a 3 mile run, and I just learned that there is a super challenging 8 mile run that charges up some of the steepest hills in the park.

ARC Coach Gerard Deegan
My knee enjoyed the relief from the streets of Culver City, and I had a chance to talk with ARC pace leader Heather Heath. In addition to leading the 8 - 9 mile pace group, Heather is also the founder of Green Running Events, an organization that puts on eco-friendly races. Last year Heather organized the Elysian Park Eco Trail Run which was part of the 2010 USATF Southern California Cross Country Grand Prix. The Eco Trail Run received generous support from ARC. Following the success of last years race, the Eco Trail Run will be held on October 22, with a new and improved course. Other ARC sponsored events include the upcoming 38th Annual Bellarmine-Griffith Park Invitational cross country race to held on September 24, 2011.

ARC Owner Joe Matias and me (Wayne Joness)

Following our run we enjoyed plenty of refreshments, fresh fruit and snacks, then ARC held their elections. Perhaps it was the sound of Coach Deegan’s Irish brogue, but it was hard not to be moved when he addressed the crowd and reminded everyone to “Take pride in your club.” Coach Deegan stressed that every runner was important, and that every runner, regardless of their finishing time, contributed to the success of the club. I always enjoy talking to coach Deegan, a world-class duathlete, who stresses the value of club competition. And club competition is a big part of the Road Running Grand Prix. I noticed in attendance were members of USATF club Gritty City Track Club, John Burgos and Choy Bacor. The Gritty City Track Club is working their way up the club scoring by consistently participating in races.

USATF Club Certificate hangs proudly on the store wall!
All too soon it was time to head back to Culver City, but I again have to thank Joe Matias and his great crew at A Runner’s Circle for supporting USATF, and the sport we all love so much: running!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SCA Board of Directors Meeting - Mon, 7/11 at 7:30pm

SCA Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, July 11, 2011
7:30pm - Conference Call

2011 SCA Road Running Grand Prix - Semana Nautica 15K Results

2011 SCA Road Running Grand Prix
2011 Santa Barbara Semana Nautica 15K
Monday - July 4, 2011
Awards - Overall Open Winners
  • Open 1st (M): Forest Braden, M-28, 0:48:33
  • Open 1st (W): Addi Zerrenner, F-15, 1:03:09
  • Open 2nd (M): Jason Brosseau, M-25, 0:52:40
  • Open 2nd (W): Nicole Luque, F-33, 1:04:10
  • Open 3rd (M): Craig Pansing, M-29, 0:53:44
  • Open 3rd (W): Lucie Murray, F-39, 1:06:24
Awards - Overall Masters Winners
  • Masters 1st (M): Dale Campbell, M-57, 0:57:47
  • Masters 1st (W): Lisa Nelms, F-52, 1:08:30
  • Masters 2nd (M): Kent Harris, M-45, 0:58:10
  • Masters 2nd (W): Janet Uribe, F-41, 1:29:06
  • Masters 3rd (M): Adam Radly, M-42, 1:03:40
  • Masters 3rd (W): Colleen Hamman, F-53, 1:30:25