Wednesday, October 19, 2011

IMPORTANT: SCA Membership - Special Meeting

SCA Membership - Special Meeting
Your Vote is Needed!
Date: Saturday, November 19, 2011
Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Print Flyer (PDF)

**In an effort to maximize convenience and participation of membership, this meeting will be simulcast in four locations**

Ventura Community College---Civic Center
4667 Telegraph Rd
Ventura, CA 93003

Temecula City Center
41000 Main St
Temecula, CA. 92589

Moreno Valley Schools District Board Room
25634 Alessandro Blvd.
Moreno Valley, CA. 92553

Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center
300 Ocean Blvd. Rm. 301
Long Beach, CA. 90802
Street Parking as Available (Parking in Garage will cost $10.00)
Garages with 2 hour free parking are located on Pine Street Between 3rd and 6th Street. (The garages for Walmart, Ross and Nordstrom shopping.)



Proposed amendment to SCA-USATF Bylaw Article 6-b (additional language underlined; deleted language strikethrough.):

(b) An annual meeting of the membership shall be held in January October of each year at a date and time within the month designated by the Board of Directors. Officers, Directors, committee chairpersons, and commit-tee representatives shall be elected and installed as provided in Articles 7(a) and 10(j).

NOTE: The 2012 SCA Annual Meeting shall take place in October 2012.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SCA Youth Committee Meeting - 10/19 at 8pm

SCA Youth Committee Meeting
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at 8:00pm
Conference Call: (712) 432-0190
Access Code: 988288
Meeting Agenda

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rise of the Gritty City Track Club!

Members of the mighty Gritty City Track Club of Pasadena
I recall casually talking to Alex Bruno last February at the Brea 8 km. He let me know his running group, the Gritty City Track Club, would be formally joining USATF, and I should expect to see them participating at some of the Grand Prix races. Well, that turned out to be a real understatement! The GCTC (see, the name has a great ring it to even when spelled as an acronym) has turned out to be one of the surprises of 2011, a small running group that is leading in Grand Prix participation along with Club Ed Running, Cal Coast Track Club and The Janes Elite Racing.

Leland Mah, Michael Cruz-Herrera, Antonio Pierola and Lucie Spender Murray (left to right) at the Semana Nautica 15 km, July 4, 2011
I particularly remember seeing the members of GCTC pull into the parking lot at the Semana Nautica 15 km, mentioning that they had the winner of the 15 km race in the car with them. As they say, it’s not bragging if you can back it up, and GCTC stand-out runner Mandy Grantz did win the race that day, finishing the 15 km in 55:37. Unknown to me was the fact that Grantz is also a 2012 Olympic Trials marathon qualifier, based on her winning 2:45:53 time in the Pasadena Marathon. And the very modest and humble Grantz was the fourth place finisher at the 2011 Road Mile Championships, with a time of 4:57, and her 1:17:37 half marathon was fast enough for a fourth place finish overall at the Long Beach Half Marathon, the 2011 USATF Southern California Half Marathon Championships race.
At the Santa Monica 5000: USATF Volunteer Alex Breckenridge (left) talks with Olympic trials qualifier Mandy Grantz (right) about pollen (just ask Mandy, she is the expert!). On the far right, Nicole Luque takes a break from scoring the Road Running Grand Prix
Another outstanding member of the GCTC is Nicole Luque. Luque, like Grantz, seems to be having the year of her life in running! Nicole won her age-group division at the Road Mile with a time of 5:34, and she just set another personal best with her 1:26:45 finish at the Long Beach Half Marathon. I was just as surprised when I spoke to Brian Panosian, the marketing coordinator for Generic Events, and he gave me the name of the elite athlete contact for the Santa Monica 5000: Nicole Luque! Not only is Nicole an outstanding, dedicated athlete, but she somehow finds time in her super busy schedule to lend a hand with various running organizations. In addition to the Santa Monica 5000, Nicole volunteered to take on the task of scoring the USATF Southern California Road Running Grand Prix, which has grown from a total of 389 runners in 2010, to 459 runners in 2011. And we still have one more race to go, the Dana Point Turkey Trot 10km, our 10 km Association Championships race!

Warming up at the South Pasadena High School, coach Choy Bacor (center)
So GCTC asked me if I would like to head up to Pasadena to join them for a Tuesday night workout at the beautiful South Pasadena High School, a great art-deco landmark high school with a very modern track. Choy Bacor lured me out of Culver City with an offer I never refuse: a challenging run followed by pizza and beer!

Michael Cruz-Herrera with a Santa Monica 5000 discount code
While I have heard that Pasadena weather can be hot and overwhelming at times, Tuesday night was as perfect a Southern California evening as you can imagine. After meeting up with the club, I opted for the mile repeat workout. At the starting line, I distinctly heard Alex announce he would be running around 1:40 a lap. I can report this was another Alex Bruno understatement, since I came through the first 400 meters in 1:32, with Alex and GCTC Vice-President John Burgos well ahead of me! In total we ran 4 miles, with 400 meter recovery jogs between intervals. In addition to the mile repeats, there was a slower workout for runners preparing for a marathon, and several other runners took off to do a hill workout. Whatever you want to do for a Tuesday evening run in Pasadena, GCTC seem to have people people ready to join in.

John Burgos - Vice President, Choy Bacor - Coach, Alex Bruno - President, Wayne Joness - LDR Chair,
Jason Wang - Marketing, Michael Cruz-Herrera - Secretary/Treasurer
The post-run feast was at a nearby Round Table Pizza, where I learned a little more about the group. GCTC was formed just a few years ago, in 2007, and some of the members have been running together since high school. This is a very friendly and supportive group, ready to carpool their way to races all over the southland. Alex Bruno is President, and John Bugos Vice-President, with Pascal (Choy) Bacor as coach. Other officers include Jason Wang, Marketing, and Michael Cruz-Herrera, Secretary/Treasurer. The group has competed in numerous local races, including the Road Running Grand Prix, as well as traveling to destination marathons. In fact coach Bacor will be running the Boston Marathon for the first time in 2012, after his 3:07:35 qualifying run at the somewhat ill-fated 2010 Camarillo Marathon. Choy: Thanks again for beer and pizza!

Post-run carbo feast at Round Table Pizza!
If you are in Pasadena and looking for a great track workout, you could not do better than to head over to South Pasadena High School around 6:00 pm to meet up with the Gritty City Track Club. And for those people training for a long distance competitions, the group also participates in organized Saturday long runs as well.

Members of the mighty Gritty City Track Club of Pasadena (plus LDR chair Wayne Joness)

Friday, October 14, 2011

USATF Post Collegiate Scholarship Fund

USATF Post Collegiate Scholarship Fund
Application Deadline: Monday, October 24, 2011
Information and Application

USA Track & Field recognizes that U.S. colleges and universities continue to be major contributors to the success of USATF’s High Performance development pipeline, but this support lasts only 4/5 years. Following the athlete’s collegiate years, USATF recognizes the critical importance of providing special, targeted assistance to high-level athletes in their immediate post collegiate (2 years) – if we expect them to become the next generation of medal winning track and field athletes. The Post Collegiate Scholarship Fund (PCSF) is part of USATF’s effort to fill the “developmental gap” that occurs right after an athlete completes their collegiate track and field eligibility.

In order to apply for this program, an athlete must:
  • Be a United States citizen;
  • Be eligible to represent the United States at all levels of international competition;
  • Be a current member of USATF;
  • Have competed in the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships;
  • In 2011 have achieved the current IAAF World Outdoor "A" standard (view standards below) in their event(s);
  • Have completed and submitted a PCSF application form; and
  • Have completed (or forfeited) their remaining collegiate track and field eligibility within the past two years (2010/2011).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 SCA Road Running Grand Prix - Santa Monica 5000 / 10000

SCA Grand Prix 
Santa Monica 5000 / 10000 
Sunday - October 2, 2011

5K Awards - Overall Open Winners
Bethany Nickless, Santa Barbara, 17:20.0 (F-25)
Christian Hesch, Valley Village, 14:27.7 (M-32)

5K Awards - Overall Masters Winners
Tania Fischer, Santa Monica, 17:51.7 (F-45)
Mark Steyvers, Irvine, 16:06.8 (M–41)

10K Awards - Overall Open Winners
Mandy Grantz, Pasadena, 35:26.9 (F-25)
Forest Braden, Beverly Hills, 30:49.2 (M-28)

10K Awards - Overall Masters Winners
Amanda Marks (Rondash), Los Angeles, 39:02.6 (F-43)
Brian Nelson, Bakersfield, 38:29.1 (M–54)



Thursday, October 6, 2011

SCA Board of Directors Meeting - Mon, 10/10 at 7:30pm

SCA Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, October 10, 2011
7:30pm - Conference Call