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2012 USATF Southern California Road Running Champions

Meet Your 2012 USATF Southern California Road Running Champions!

1 Mile Champions:

Open - Tanya Zeferjahn, San Clemente - 4:47:72 (F-28)
Open - Andrew Acosta, Los Angeles - 3:58:98 (M-24)

Masters - Genevieve Graff-Ermeling, Santa Monica - 5:09:50 (F-41)
Masters - Ray Knerr, Los Angeles - 4:37:69 (M-52)

5 km Champions:

Open - Tanya Zeferjahn, San Clemente - 16:52.9 (F-28)
Open - Luis Ibarra, Montebello - 14:30.6 (M-32)

Masters - Grace Padilla, Los Angeles - 18:13.7 (F-41)
Masters - David Olds, Los Angeles - 16:20.5 (M–51)

10 km Champions:

Open - Mary Akor, Hawthorne, 34:16 (F–35)
Open - Luis Ibarra, Montebello, 30:59 (M–31)

Masters - Nathalie Higley, Redondo Beach, 36:58 (F–42)
Masters - Ken Ernst, Mission Viejo, 33:24 (M–50)

Half Marathon Champions:

Open - Carlos Carballo (M-30) 1:07:25
Open - Holly Hobson-Gery (F-29) 1:29:02

Masters - Kevin Broady (M-51) 1:14:17
Masters - Caroline McAndrews (F-51) 1:40:30

Marathon Champions:

Open - Sara Raschiatore, Joshua Tree, 2:50:04 (F-31)
Open - Justin Patananan, Palmdale, 2:31:16 (M–31)

Masters - Ingrid Walters, Santa Monica, 3:07:34 (F-40)
Masters - Nicholas Bowden, Los Angeles, 2:38:19 (M–40)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Congratulations 2012 Road Running Grand Prix Champions!

A record breaking 557 USATF Southern California runners posted scores in the 2012 Road Running Grand Prix series. Leading the way for the youth division are runners Ashling Carr (10) with 2590 points and returning 2011 champion Anthony Palazzo (15) with 2610 points. Youth runners were required to run 3 races for end-of-year awards, adults run five races.

Full 2012 Results.

Tania Fischer gets her third title as first place overall finisher, while Ken Ernst takes first place in the men's division, each winning $500. Second place awards go to Jon Megeff and Erika Aklufi with a $250 prize. Third place: Rich Gust and Rosalva Bonilla winning $150. Fourth place: Gregory Keyes and Yayoi Liu winning $75, and fifth place kudos to Oliver Gallego and Linda Hodgson taking home $25.

"Most Valuable Runner" award (we just made that up) has to go to the indefatigable Thomas "Tom" Albright, 7th overall finisher, who ran no less than 10 (ten! yes! ten!) Grand Prix races this year, missing only the Semana Nautica 15 km. Tom ran the Magic Shoe 5K on Satuday, May 20, in 19:12, then ran the Pasadena Half Marathon on Sunday, May 21, in 1:36:11!

2012 was the year of the Cal Coast Track Club. It is hard to find the right superlative for Cal Coast; far from just beating the competition, they become something of a hurricane force, a road running Death Star. Cal Coast runners turned up in huge numbers at Grand Prix races, a sea of blue running singlets taking top prizes, age-group awards, and in the case of Peter Magill, setting a new American age-group record in the 5 km. 90 open/masters members of Cal Coast posted scores in the Grand Prix, with another 12 runners in the youth division, bringing the Cal Coast participation to 102 total! No wonder that five of the top ten finalists are Cal Coast runners! And Tom Albright - he's a member of Cal Coast as well!

Youth Individual Division Road Running Grand Prix Champions:

Sub-Bantam - Sofia Gibson (F), Noah Lindo (M)
Bantam - Ashling Carr (F), Jackson Coney (M)
Midget - Chloe Arriaga (F), Daniel Bautista (M)
Youth - Hannah Hall (F), Colby Penn (M)
Intermediate- Maily Wong (F), Anthony Palazzo (M)

In the youth division, The Equalizers take their third title, but this year they faced competition from Junior Cal Coast, the youth division of the Cal Coast Track Club.

Thanks again to Nicole Luque for scoring the 2012 Road Running Grand Prix!

2011 Road Running Grand Prix Results
2010 Road Running Grand Prix Results
2009 Road Running Grand Prix Results

Sunday, November 4, 2012

2012 SCA Road Running Grand Prix - Dino Dash 5 km and 10 km Results

2012 SCA Road Running Grand Prix
2012 Dino Dash
Sunday - November 4, 2012

5 km Awards - Overall Open Winners

Open 1st: Roosevelt Cook, M-33, 15:10.0
Open 1st: Lilyana Morejon, F-23, 17:33.4
Open 2nd: Sydney Gidabuday, M-16, 15:17.1
Open 2nd: Leilani Rios, F-32, 17:54.1
Open 3rd: Sergio Olivarrias, M-22, 15:24.0
Open 3rd: Ashley Teran, F-26, 18:11.1

5 km Awards - Overall Masters Winners

Masters 1st: Christian Cushing-Murray, M-45, 15:34.8
Masters 1st: Nathalie Higley, F-42, 17:36.8
Masters 2nd: Jon Megeff, M-49, 16:30.2
Masters 2nd:Kirsten Leetch, F-46, 17:43.4
Masters 3rd: Dan Arsenault, M-49, 16:38.7
Masters 3rd: Kathleen Cushing-Murray, F-47, 19:37.0

5 km Awards - Youth Division 10 and Younger

1st: Jonathan Manara, M-9, 20:27.0
1st: Devin Ito, F-9, 19:44.9
2nd: Noah Lindo, M-8, 21:17.1
2nd: Ashling Carr, F-10, 20:21.3
3rd: Nicholas Allred, M-8, 21:30.4
3rd: Autumn Clarke, F-10, 20:31.0
4th: Noah Ta-Perez, M-9, 22:32.3
4th: Aleksandra Crampton, F-10, 21:00.1
5th: Anthony Kennen, M-10, 24:32.0
5th: Sofia Gibson, F-8, 21:54.9

5 km Awards - Youth Division 11 - 12

1st: Daniel Bautista, M-11, 19:05.2
1st: Hannah Hall, F-12, 19:06.8
2nd: David Crampton, M-12, 19:14.9
2nd: Chloe Arriaga, F-11, 19:13.8
3rd: Liem Nguyen, M-12, 20:07.3
3rd: Rocio Bartolo, F-12, 19:47.6
4th: David Garcia, M-12, 20:32.9
4th: Casey Hulme, F-12, 20:04.5
5th: Bryan Llopis, M-12, 20:44.6
5th: Raegan Peterson, F-12, 20:12.3

10 km Awards - Overall Open Winners

Open 1st: Robert Olivera, M-26, 31:14.7
Open 1st: Erika Aklufi, F-36, 36:13.0
Open 2nd: Juan Morales, M-32, 35:17.7
Open 2nd: Jenni Johnson, F-32, 37:45.7
Open 3rd: Dave Withers, M-38, 39:56.3
Open 3rd: Andrea Palacio, F-30, 38:13.3

10 km Awards - Overall Masters Winners

Masters 1st: John Gardiner, M-40, 32:41.3
Masters 1st: Ingrid Walters, F-40, 39:30.7
Masters 2nd: Juan Ramirez, M-41, 35:46.5
Masters 2nd:Diana Keyes, F-43, 54:50.2
Masters 3rd: Mark Steyvers, M-42, 34:50.0
Masters 3rd: Jennifer Lazio, F-44, 49:24.9

10 km Awards - Youth Division 11 - 12

1st: Gavin Hancock, M-12, 54:13.1
1st: Amber Spees, F-12, 51:12.4
2nd: Patrick Paragas, M-12, 55:06.1

Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 USATF Southern California Road Mile Championships

Andrew (AJ) Acosta runs a sub-4:00 mile, finishing in 3:58!

The 3rd time proved to be the charm at the 2012 USATF Southern California Road Mile Championships when AJ Acosta (M-26) rocketed across the finish line in 3:58.98, delivering a blistering finish to the excitement and applause of runners and spectators who hoped to witness the phenomenon of a sub 4:00 mile. Second place finisher Jon Rankin (M-30) nearly missed the sub 4:00 mark, running 4:00.43. Despite the strong competition and record turnout in other divisions, Acosta was the only runner to set a new course record at the Championships, held on Sunday, August 26, at the El Toro Airfield. In fact, both Acosta and Rankin’s time would beat the previous open men’s course record of 4:01.24 run by Brandon Bethke (M-24) in 2011.

3rd place - Brosnan, 2nd place - Rankin, and winner AJ Acosta

Events kicked off at 7:00 am, start of the combined race walk competition, with Janelle Zamora (F-10) winning the 12 and younger division with a time of 10:47.76, and Patsy Hurley (F-17) winning the 13-18 bracket with a time of 7:59.70. This was one of several “three-peat” performances for Road Mile veterans, with Zamora and Hurley winning in 2010 and 2011 as well.
In the boy’s division Andrew Paez (M-12) walked 9:39.20. After a strong record as a youth competitor, Julia Townsend (F-19) took the open competition in a time of 8:29.49. The 40-54 men’s competition was won by Joseph Nierosku (M-50) with a time of 7:42.85, and Carol Alexander (F-52) won with a time of 9:18.52. The final division was for walkers 55+, with Rick Campbell (M-66) 8:58.44 and Donna Cunningham (F-65) 9:20.76 besting the sizeable field of age 55+ race walkers, the largest single division of race walkers at the 2012 Road Mile Championships.

For the youth runners, each USTAF youth age division competed in their own race, making for an hour of exciting youth competition. The sub-bantam division was won by Melina Gonzalez (F-7) 6:56.81 and Noah Lindo (M-8) 6:07.76. Bantam division winners were Brianna Valles (F-10) 5:46.81 and Coney Jackson (M-10) 5:35.24. Gonzalez and Valles were among a number of USATF members representing the McFarland Track Club who made the long trip to Irvine to compete and show the depth of talent in the Central California Association.

In the midget division first-place gold medals were awarded to: Chloe Arriaga (F-11) 5:22.17 and Raymon Ornelas (M-11) 5:13.10. In the youth division: Bianca Alonzo (F-14) 5:08.02 and Hugo Nova (M-13) running 4:43.36. Intermediate division: Laura Guidolin (F-15) 5:00.97 and Anthony Palazzo (M-15) 4:37.82. Wrapping up the hour of youth competition was the Young division, with top awards going to Sara Kebede (F-17) 5:25.03 and Michael Pincchini (M-17) 4:28.43.

Youth participation expanded in 2012, with The Equalizers posting 4342 points in the youth club competition, besting the South Orange County Wildcats with 4141 and the Chino Hills Flash with 3999.

The spectators were truly impressed with the outstanding performances of the youth athletes, so the adults, parents and coaches in the open competition had quite a high bar to meet. Leading the way for the general open competition was Vanessa Lordi (F-35) with a mile time of 5:23.73. Luis Palacios (M-32) squeezed out a victorious 4:30.95 mile, but only in the final 50 meters of the race was he able to pull around the remarkable Brian Duff (M-35) who finished just behind Palacios with a time of 4:32.23. Duff ran a few seconds slower than his 2011 finish of 4:30.46, but this year he was pushing his daughter Marly Duff in a baby stroller!

Luis Palacios edges out Brian (and Marly, in the stroller) Duff.

In the masters division Kathleen Cushing-Murray (F-47), of the famed Cushing-Murray running dynasty, took first place with a time of 5:35.03, and Bill McQuown (M-55) won in 5:22.35. Taking home the title of most “experienced” runner was Gunnar Linde (M-84) running a strong 8:01.09

As with previous years, when the elite USATF runners stationed themselves at the starting line the cloud cover cleared, and conditions on the course heated up. Runners at the Road Mile Championships stare down one solid mile of orange cones marking the way to the finishing line, punctuated every ¼ mile by electronic timing clocks.

The elite women started in one wave, hoping to best the overall open course record of Brenda Martinez (F-23), 4:38.43, set in 2011. First across the finish line was Tanya Zeferjahn (F-28) in 4:47.72 winning the women’s open division, with Genevieve Graff-Ermeling (F-41) running 5:09.50 for the women’s 40-49 win, and Debbie Lee (F-55) running 5:40.70 for the 50+ age-group title. Lee’s finish put her in the top slot for age-graded Grand Prix points in the women’s division on Sunday, scoring 937.

Tanya Zeferjahn (F-28) finishers in 4:47.72.

The men’s race was divided into two starts, with men 40 to 49, and 50+ racing as one group. Repeating their 1-2 top performance in their age division from 2011 was Ray Knerr (M-52) with a time of 4:37.69 and Rich Burns (M-57) in 4:42.53. Like Lee, Burns distinguished himself as the overall leader in age-graded Grand Prix points, scoring 951 points, contributing to the victory of the Cal Coast Track Club in club scoring at the Road Mile Championships. Jon Megeff (M-49) raced 4:40.38, right behind Knerr, taking the 40-49 division. Megeff’s excellent finished contributed to the scoring of his club, Club Ed Running, taking second place to the members of Cal Coast.

Masters: Ray Knerr (4:37), Jon Megeff (4:40) and Rich Burns (4:42).

The Road Mile Championships are starting to feel like a new Southern California institution, marking the end of summer, before runners embark on a season of fall cross country racing. Look for the Road Mile in 2013, when runners can again challenge themselves to run “their best mile” at the El Toro Airfield.

Monday, July 9, 2012

USA Olympic Track & Field Trials Coverage: Californians Uceny and Rowbury Make U.S. Olympic 1500m Squad

Victor Sailer/www.PhotoRun.NET.

Morgan Uceny had nothing to prove in the women’s 1500m final at the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials. After all, in 2011, Uceny (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.) was ranked #1 in the world in the 1500m and dominated the IAAF Diamond League circuit.

Read More at California Track & Running News, the official publication of USATF for California and Nevada

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2012 SCA Road Running Grand Prix - Semana Nautica 15K Results

2012 SCA Road Running Grand Prix
2012 Santa Barbara Semana Nautica 15K
Wednesday - July 4, 2012
Awards - Overall Open Winners
  • Open 1st (M): Robert Olivera, M-26, 0:49:55
  • Open 1st (W): Mandy Grantz, F-26, 0:57:11
  • Open 2nd (M): Craig Pansing, M-30, 0:57:14
  • Open 2nd (W): Ann Wilson, F-35, 1:08:23
  • Open 3rd (M): Eduardo Villegas, M-36, 0:58:32
  • Open 3rd (W): Pureza Bacor, F-35, 1:33:02
Awards - Overall Masters Winners
  • Masters 1st (M): Miguel Magana, M-45, 0:58:13
  • Masters 1st (W): Cindy Abrami, F-43, 0:58:36
  • Masters 2nd (M): Kent Harris, M-45, 0:58:10
  • Masters 2nd (W): Ingrid Walters, F-40, 1:02:02
  • Masters 3rd (M): David Grethen, M-53, 1:06:08
  • Masters 3rd (W): Rhonda Kelly, F-48, 1:29:00
Awards - Overall Youth Winners
  • 1st: Ariel Van Riper, F-11, 1:15:58
  • 1st: Bryan Fernandez, M-17, 52:20
  • 2nd: Ben York, M-17, 58:25
  • 3rd: Joshua Fry, M-15, 1:07:42

Monday, July 2, 2012

USA Olympic Track & Field Trials Coverage: Californians Stand Out on Day 7 of U.S. Olympic Trials

Jeneba Tarmoh and Allyson Felix - Victor Sailer/www.PhotoRun.NET.
A drizzly Day 7 of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon ended with Californians Allyson Felix shattering the women’s 200m Olympic Trials record and Carmelita Jeter taking the runner-up slot.

Read More at California Track & Running News, the official publication of USATF for California and Nevada

Sunday, July 1, 2012

USA Olympic Track & Field Trials Coverage: Uceny Leads Golden State's 1500m Contingent at the Olympic Trials

Morgan Uceny - Victor Sailer/www.PhotoRun.NET

California will be well represented in the women's 1500m final that will take place on Sunday. Golden Stater Morgan Uceny was the fastest qualifier so, in anticipation of what we expect will be an excellent race, we thought we'd post Mark Winitz's Q&A with Morgan that ran in our June-July issue.

Read More at California Track & Running News, the official publication of USATF for California and Nevada

Saturday, June 30, 2012

USA Olympic Track & Field Trials Coverage: Kim Conley Captures Olympic Team Spot in Women’s 5000m | California Track & Running News

Kim Conley - Victor Sailer/www.PhotoRun.NET.

Few might have given 26-year-old Kim Conley (West Sacramento, Calif.) a chance at gaining an Olympic team spot in the women’s 5000m race at the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon.

Read More at California Track & Running News, the official publication of USATF for California and Nevada .

USA Olympic Track & Field Trials Coverage: Olympic Trials 20K Race Walk Produces Top Results for Californians

Trevor Barron - Victor Sailer/www.PhotoRun.NET

On a muggy morning at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials, the men’s 20K race walk featured several new American records and a number of California connections among the top placers.

Read More at California Track & Running News, the official publication of USATF for California and Nevada

Friday, June 29, 2012

USA Olympic Track & Field Trials: Coaches Instrumental for California's 800m Olympic Team Members

Alysia Montano - Victor Sailer/www.PhotoRun.NET.

The 800m finals at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials featured strong performances by Golden State athletes as three Californians plus one athlete with strong California ties earned spots on the U.S. team headed for the London Olympic Games.

 Read More at California Track & Running News, the official publication of USATF for California and Nevada .

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

USA Olympic Track & Field Trials Coverage: Stephanie Brown Trafton's Mental Focus, Faith, Produce U.S. Trials Discus Victory

Stephanie Brown Trafton - Victor Sailer/www.PhotoRun.NET.

Even a reigning Olympic gold medalist and American record holder who has enjoyed a ranking as #1 in the world in her event can have doubts when the big meets come along. Only three weeks before the 2012 U.S. 

Read More at California Track & Running News, the official publication of USATF for California and Nevada.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

USA Olympic Track & Field Trials Coverage: Hastings Realizes Olympic Dreams In Women's Trials 10,000m

USATF Southern California 2011 Marathon Champion Amy Hastings wins 10,000m trials - Victor Sailer/www.PhotoRun.NET.

Amy Hastings (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.) says that one of the best pieces of advice that Deena Kastor, her Mammoth Track Club teammate, has given her is to keep fighting; never give up. In running, just as in the rest of life, there are good miles and bad miles, good times and bad times. The good times are easy.

USA Olympic Track & Field Trials: Jeneba Tarmoh Interview

Jeneba Tarmoh - Victor Sailer/www.PhotoRun.NET.

If you were watching the Olympic Trials yesterday, you no doubt know the story regarding the women's 100m finals. Carmelita Jeter (CA) won in 10.92 and Tianna Madison was second in 10.96. But the real story was all about third place, where Californians Allyson Felix and Jeneba (JEN-eba) Tarmoh raced to a dead-heat for the third spot on the team.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pasadena Half/Full/Relay Marathon - USATF Report - Wayne Joness

Bert Whitson and John Burgos race to the finish at the Pasadena Half/Full/Relay Marathon

While only a few years old, the Kaiser Permanente Pasadena Marathon has created a formula for success in the crowded Southern California road running circuit, selling out all of its events for 2012. Runners who know Pasadena trained for a course that presented some hills, but were also rewarded with a scenic course that includes the Rose Bowl and a route that parallels the beautiful Arroyo Seco River.

7000 runners took to the streets of Pasadena on Sunday, May 20 to race a full marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K, or a kid’s run 1K. In addition, race director Israel Estrada worked closely with USATF and Pasadena-based Gritty City Track Club to organize an invitational relay marathon event, the first relay marathon in the Los Angeles area since the demise of the fabled Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon in 2006.

USATF LDR Chair Wayne Joness, ARC Runners Sergio Arias, Brian Ramos, and team captain Gerard Deegan, and USATF member/volunteer Rebecca Trahan

In the full marathon competition, Alexander Garabedian (M20) of the Santa Monica Track Club led the way for USATF runners with a time of 2:58:26. Finishing right behind Garabedian was three-time defending Pasadena Marathon Champion, and 2012 Olympic Trials qualifier Mandy Grantz (F25) representing the home-town favorites Gritty City Track Club. The USATF masters competition was won by the ubiquitous long distance running machine, Joe Ogata (M63), with a time of 3:48:30. In the last ten years, Ogata has run more than 100 marathons, consistently qualifying for the Boston Marathon in his age-group. And rounding out the masters competition was Cheri Rich (F50) with a time of 4:05:09.

In the half marathon, 2012 USATF Southern California Marathon Champion Mark Batres (M27) of Run With Us had a comfortable finish of 1:11:50. Underlining the depth and talent of the Gritty City Track Club was team member Nicole Luque (F32) finishing in 1:31:17. In addition to her athletic abilities, Luque is well-known as a reliable volunteer for various races, and scores the Road Running Grand Prix as well.

Gritty City Track Club runners at the finish line.

While most of the Cal Coast Track Club raced the previous day at the Magic Shoe 5K, distance specialists Matt Ebiner (M51) and Linda Hodgson (F57) represented their team well in Pasadena with first-place masters times of 1:15:57 for Ebiner and 1:44:42 for Hodgson. There can be no doubt that the Cal Coast Track Club is determined to dominate road racing in the Southern California Association: they were the only club to field teams at both the Magic Shoe 5K and the Pasadena Marathon, and Cal Coast won both days, taking a record-breaking 4623 points at the Magic Shoe 5K, and 3593 points at the Pasadena Half/Full Marathon, edging out the Gritty City Track Club with 3593 points.

Relay Marathon runners at the first (10K) handoff point.

Flying under the radar was the Pasadena Relay Marathon, a joint effort of the Pasadena Marathon and USATF Southern California to explore developing a new relay marathon event. Participation was limited to six local teams, with A Runner’s Circle fielding three teams of runners, the Gritty City Track Club contributing two teams, and the Pasadena Pacers with one team. A Runner’s Circle pushed the pace, finishing in 2:35:25, with “True Grit” (Gritty City Track Club) second with a time of 2:42:47. The five person relay marathon was formatted according to national rules, with legs of 10 km, 5 km, 10 km, 5 km and a stretch of 12.2 km to the finish line. Special thanks to Gritty City member Alex Bruno who did much of the organizing to make this event possible, and even drove one of the transport vans used to ferry runners around the course on race day

Pasadena Half/Full/Relay Marathon

Sunday - May 20, 2012

SCA Grand Prix Standings:

2012 Pasadena Half/Full/Relay Marathon Results

Awards - Full Marathon Open Winners

Open 1st: Alexander Garabedian, M-20, 2:58:26
Open 1st: Mandy Grantz, F-25, 2:58:44
Open 2nd: Roberto Chavez, M-39, 3:29:22
Open 2nd: Andrea Kooiman, F-37, 4:23:03
Open 3rd: Daniel Guzman, M-30, 3:39:43

Awards - Overall Full Marathon Masters Winners

Masters 1st: Joe Ogata, M-63, 3:48:30
Masters 1st: Cheri Rich, F-50, 4:05:09
Masters 2nd: Andrew Calasanz, M-41, 4:15:46
Masters 2nd: Lisa Wikert, F-48, 4:54:47
Masters 3rd: Deo Javarta, M-47, 4:16:17
Masters 3rd: Sue Davis, F-49, 5:30:29

Awards - Overall Half Marathon Open Winners

Open 1st: Mark Batres, M-27, 1:11:17
Open 1st: Nicole Luque, F-34, 1:31:17
Open 2nd: Wendy Roy, F-34, 2:09:27
Open 3rd: Janet Gutierrez, F-31, 2:33:25

Awards - Overall Half Marathon Masters Winners

Masters 1st: Matt Ebiner, M-51, 1:15:57
Masters 1st: Linda Hodgson, F-57, 1:44:42
Masters 2nd: Oliver Gallego, M-50, 1:24:11
Masters 2nd: Dona McBride, F-61, 2:11:40
Masters 3rd: Miguel Magana, M-44, 1:24:18
Masters 3rd: Gail Hubbard, F-46, 2:19:31

Awards - Relay Marathon Winners

A Runner's Circle, Team, 2:35:25
True Grit, Team, 2:42:46
2 Legrit 2 Quit, Team, 3:22:45
Arc Run Club 3, Team, 3:44:43
Arc Run Club 2, Team, 4:25:39
Pasadena Pacers, Team, 5:12:09

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Magic Shoe 5 km May 19, 2012 - USATF Report

A festive atmosphere, great weather, a worthy cause, and a fast course greeted over 900 registered runners at the "Biggest little 5000 in Orange County".  The streets of Newport Beach were host to over 170 SCA USATF participants for the fifth race in the 2012 USATF Grand Prix Road running series.  Coach Sumner usually engineers a fast course and the competitors did not disappoint with 4 men running sub-15 minutes and 20 Men in the field under 16 minutes.

Magic Shoe 5K Start

On the men's open side, Roosevelt Cook (M32) from Cal Coast Track Club was the top USATF finisher with a time of 14:55.  Carlos Carballo (M29) running for adidas Legacy Run Racing was second at 14:59 and Jorge Jabaz (M25) finished third at 15:03.  Just 8 seconds separated the top 3 USATF men in a very close competition.

USATF Members Peter Magill (left) and Yermie Cohen (right). Magill is on his way to setting a new mens 50-54 5K record: 15:05.

The women's open field was also very competitive with The Janes Elite Racing runner Erika Akulfi (F36) winning with a time of 16:43. With the strength of her four fantastic races this year Erika is positioned to move to the top of the women's Grand Prix standings.  Second place went to Jenni Johnson (F32) at 17:01 and close behind in third place was Brooks ID runner and 2012 USATF Southern California Marathon Champion Sara Raschiatore (F31) with a time of 17:22.

Magic Shoe 5K Competitors

In the men's masters division Peter Magill (M50) from Cal Coast Track Club was first with a 15:05.  Magill's feat was amazing in the fact that he had just broken Ken Ernst's 5000M record on the track at the Oxy Invitational on May 5th with a time of 15:11.  The 15:05 is a new American 5K Road Record, run on the recently certified 5K course.  Ken Ernst (M50) and Jeff Ambos (M50) also teammates of Peter from Cal Coast Track Club finished in second and third with times of 15:52 and 15:55 respectively.

Club Ed Running standout runner Nathalie Higley (F42) at 17:02 was the top masters woman and also moved up to challenge for a top spot in the women's Grand Prix standings.  Ingrid Walters (F40) also from The Janes Elite Racing finished second at 19:06.  Cal Coast Track Club’s Rosalva Bonilla (F49) finished third at 19:10 and will maintain her position as one of the top 3 women in the overall Grand Prix standings.

Team Domination: Cal Coast Track Club

In the team competition, Cal Coast Track Club running on their home turf took the team competition with 4623 Grand Prix points, which is the single highest club score in the history of the USATF Southern California Road Running Grand Prix. This astonishing accomplishment was certainly helped by Magill's new American Record in the 5K.  Club Ed was second with 4250 points followed closely by The Janes Elite Racing with 4201 points.

Competing in the Youth Road Running Grand Prix, the Equalizers continued their domination with 4347 points, a score which would put them among the top Open- Masters teams. With many teams approaching 5 races, lower race scores will be dropped and we should see all of the team jockeying for position as the Grand Prix will move to Santa Barbara and the Semana-Nautica 15K on the Fourth of July.


Magic Shoe 5K

Saturday - May 19, 2012

SCA Grand Prix Standings:


2012 Magic Shoe 5K Results

Awards - Overall Open Winners

Open 1st: Roosevelt Cook, M-32, 14:55.3
Open 1st: Erika Aklufi, F-35, 16:43.1
Open 2nd: Jorge Jabaz, M-25, 15:03.1
Open 2nd: Jenni Johnson, F-32, 17:02.5
Open 3rd: Sydney Gidabuday, M-15, 15:33.5
Open 3rd: Sara Raschiatore, F-31, 17:22.1

Awards - Overall Masters Winners

Masters 1st: Peter Magill, M-50, 15:05.0
Masters 1st: Nathalie Higley, F-42, 17:02.2
Masters 2nd: Ken Ernst, M-50, 15:52.4
Masters 2nd: Ingrid Walters, F-40, 19:06.3
Masters 3rd: Jeff Ambos, M-50, 15:55.2
Masters 3rd: Rosalva Bonilla, F-49, 19:10.1

Awards - Youth Division 10 and Younger

1st: Jackson Coney, M-10, 19:19.5
1st: Ashiling Carr, F-10, 19:25.3
2nd: Kylen Patel, M-10, 21:00.5
2nd: Rebecca Cushing-Murray, F-10, 19:47.3
3rd: Jonathan Manara, M-9, 21:31.2
3rd: Autumn Clarke, F-10, 20:44.2
4th: Nicholas Allred, M-8, 23:03.1
4th: Aleksandra Crampton, F-10, 21:31.1
5th: Alex Florman, M-10, 23:07.5
5th: Anisha Fenske, F-10, 22:10.2

Awards - Youth Division 11 - 12

1st: Addison Schwarz, M-12, 19:09.3
1st: Olivia Gleason, F-12, 18:54.1
2nd: Daniel Bautista, M-11, 19:16.1
2nd: Hannah Hall, F-12, 19:13.1
3rd: Jack Mahony, M-11, 19:19.1
3rd: Anna Goeller, F-11, 20:03.4
4th: Jacob Aspling, M-12, 20:23.3
4th: Ariel Van Riper, F-11, 20:08.1
5th: Logan Eldridge, M-12, 20:31.1
5th: Reagan Peterson, F-11, 20:15.4

Friday, April 20, 2012

Melissa Adylia Calasanz: My USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach Certification Experience

Short Story
It was an excellent course! Great information!

The Long Story
Who What When and Where
USA Track & Field
18-19 February, 2012
Hosted by

 Why Would a Personal Trainer who has no desire to be a Track and Field Coach take such a course?

As a fitness professional, I believe it’s my duty to continually educate myself in order to serve the needs of the clients that seek my service. Plus, I just love learning!
I registered for the USA Track and Field (USATF) Level 1 Track and Field Coach Certification Course in order to get a better understanding of the runners that have come to me with injuries due to over-training, lack of knowledge or respect for recovery time, and improper cross-training practices in relation to their training goals, personal demands, and physical limitations.
I am now certain, the "coaches" who have been “coaching” the injured athletes who have sought my services, do not hold a USAFT Coaching Certification.
USATF is focused on considerate and appropriate periodization and progression, and recovery practices that I completely support.
When I've asked to see the training plans of the injured runners' who have come to me for post-rehab personal training, I have always been shocked. The training plans the athletes were following, prior to their injuries, gave little to no consideration to realistic scheduling of workouts for the average person who may have a family, a career, social obligations, and other interests.
Rarely did I see even one day scheduled for rest and recovery practices, and very little focus on cross training; and if cross training was suggested, it was usually inappropriate/uncomplimentary to the goal the training was hoping to achieve.
It’s been interesting when a “coach” has said to me “well, of course these guys will get injured, it’s not like they’re athletes.”
Excuse me!?! Then why would you give an over 35 year old man, who works 60+ hours a week, 3 kids, a wife, a dog, and other obligations, an unrealistic training plan that looks as if it was designed for an under 25 year old elite athlete on the fast track to an injury?!
I have no desire to be a Track and Field Coach, even though I am an excellent motivator. However, I gained a new perspective and a renewed respect for my style of Personal Training thanks to this course.
I am a coach! A fitness coach!
A personal trainer of my caliber has to be a coach! 
I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals and I will do whatever it takes to motivate my clients to be as dedicated, passionate, and committed to their progress as I am.
Along with motivating my clients, it is my responsibility to help each client attain and maintain a healthy, balanced, and functional body that will remain injury free.
Completing the course provided helpful information which supports my training philosophy and program design. The course contained plenty of information that was beneficial in helping me to better understand and communicate with coaches, along with providing added confidence and credibility when contesting athlete’s training programs in order to help prevent future injury.

Course Structure and Information

The information provided in the course was delivered over two, 12 hour days.
Yes, very long days.
Luckily, I had the pleasure of attending a course which included some outstanding coaches/presenters:
These gentlemen are some of the most highly experienced track and field coaches who not only have a ton of knowledge and experience, they have the passion to share their love of coaching with others.
Each coach managed to keep the class interested and engaged while they delivered the information professionally without being stuffy…at times, they were quite entertaining.
The course information, while focusing on youth/jr high/high school track and field events, is appropriate for any coach regardless of the age of the athletes with whom they work.
Basic physiology, sports science, biomechanics, and nutrition are also included along with coaching protocol, techniques, training, rules and regulations of individual track and field events.
The highlight for me came on the 2nd day when we got to hit the track and participate in some basic drills and work on techniques for different events such as sprinting, shot put, high jump, and racewalking.
I must confess, I am now super-excited about racewalking! I can’t help it, I rock the fast walk! I also realized I have a secret obsession with the shot put and discus! There is so much technique and rhythm that I was not aware of until I took the course. Who knew such finesse was required for a sport that looks like huge people chuking things through the air. This former professional dancer bows down to the athletes who dance the crazy dances of shot put and discus!
The Online Exam

Though the test contains 200 questions, one should not be intimidated.  The exam is open book, done online, and can be completed at your leisure over the course of 3 months. The course workbook, and hand outs that are provided with the course will help you answer all the questions.
I am thrilled to report that I scored 96% on the test, which I took on the first day it became available and completed in one sitting. I am certain I would have gotten 100% had I not had to use the restroom for the last 85 questions…I was at a public library and didn’t want to leave my computer unattended. : )

I’m happy to say the 2 day time commitment, and the $125-$150 financial investment in the course was worth it. I came away from the course with plenty of helpful information and a renewed respect for what I provide as a personal trainer who specializes in helping runners avoid injury.
Whether you’re a seasoned track and field coach who has yet to take a USATF Coaching Certification, or you’re a fitness professional working with any level of walkers and runners, I would encourage you to invest your time in obtaining all the useful information provided within the Level 1 Course.
I now know I can confidently refer clients to coaches who hold at least a Level 1 USATF Coaching Certification. Completing the course gives me peace of mind to know that if I referred a USATF Certified Coach to one of my clients, the coach would be more likely to be on the same page as I am in respect to recovery and cross-training practices.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Honda LA Marathon presented by Asics - Marathon Championships

Justin Patananan, 2:31:16 Open Marathon Champion
The 26th Honda LA Marathon presented by Asics hosted the 2012 USATF Southern California Association Marathon Championships on March 18. The weather report forecasted a reprise of the previous year’s edition as a bitter wind and a torrential downpour greeted runners at the Expo a day ahead of the race. Fortunately, the inclement weather receded in the early morning on race day to give way to near perfect conditions. Almost 23,000 participants ran the stadium to sea course. The scenic trek started at Dodger Stadium and passed many iconic landmarks along the way through Chinatown, Downtown, Hollywood, and Brentwood before finishing at the ocean shores of Santa Monica.

2008 US Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier Justin Patananan (31) took the men’s Open Marathon Championship in 2:31:16. The Nike Team Run LA member used the race as a tune up for this year’s Boston Marathon where he hopes to improve on his 2:20 personal best time. Timur Crone (25) (2:45:13) was second and Alexander Garabedian (20) of the Santa Monica Track Club was third in 2:56:02. 
Sara Raschiator, 2:50:04, Women's Open Champion
 Brooks ID athlete Sara Raschiatore (31) was the women’s Open Marathon Champion with a time of 2:50:04. She PR’ed by almost two minutes even though it was her first time running the hilly stadium to sea course.  Formerly a 3000m specialist now with 5 marathons under her belt, Raschiatore says she owes her improved time to the mental adjustments that come with experience. “I think I may be finally learning how to run the marathon. This was the first marathon that I actually ran my own race.” Ginna Ladd (36) of Track Club LA came in second place with a personal best time of 3:02:49. Kate Freeman (30) was third in 3:04:26.

Nicholas Bowden, 2:38:19
 Nicholas Bowden (40) of Track Club LA was the men’s Masters Marathon Champion while making his marathon debut. Interestingly enough, he almost didn’t make it to the starting line. “I was so sick during the week before the race that I told a friend that I couldn’t envision a scenario where I would be running.” After deciding the night before to go for it, Bowden went out and clocked a 2:38:19. “Going into the race with diminished expectations prevented me from making the classic beginner mistake of running too fast in the first half. However, the nature of the distance and the hilly course made the last 6 miles feel like a war of attrition.” Rit Tun (40) of Track Club LA was second in 2:59:31 and Miguel Magana came in third in 3:03:15.

Ingrid Walters, 3:07:34
 The women’s Masters Marathon Champion was Ingrid Walters (40) of The Janes Elite Racing.  Running in her 4th Honda LA Marathon, but for the first time on the stadium to sea course Walters crossed the tape in 3:07:34. She credits the combination of hill training in the Santa Monica Mountains and short distance training with her Janes teammates, many of whom are 5K and 10K specialists, with helping her achieve a personal best by 10 minutes. After attacking the hills in the first half, Walters recovered on the downhills and flats between miles 14 and 20. The recovery time “gave me the energy to blast through the final 5 miles.” Elanor Keare (43) (3:20:21) and Romney Resney (43) (3:27:55), both of the Cal Coast Track Club were second and third, respectively.
Both long and short distance runners will have their next opportunities to score points in the USATF Southern California Association Grand Prix at the Magic Shoe 5K in Newport Beach and Pasadena Marathon/Half Marathon on May 19th and 20th, respectively.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

USATF Southern California Runners Continue Domination of Brea 8K Classic

Brea 8K Classic, Sunday February 26, 2012, Brea CA

By Wayne Joness

Members of USATF Southern California cannot get enough of the irresistible one-two punch of the Brea 8K Classic, which combines the unique road racing distance of 8 kilometers with a finish line food feast which alone is worth the price of race registration. And for the third year in a row, USATF members turned out in record numbers to set new course records, competing in the largest field of registered Brea 8K runners in the history of the 21 year-old event.

Carlos Carballo (M29) of adidas Legacy Run Racing won convincingly in 24:32, a good twenty seconds ahead of second place finisher and masters champion Christian Cushing-Murray (M44) of Cal Coast Track Club who raced 24:57. The Brea 8K course was slightly changed for 2012, and recertified by USATF. Runners may debate how the 2012 course compares to the original, but Carballo’s time is seven seconds faster than the previous record set by Brian Livingston in 2010. Rounding out the open finishers were John Gardiner (M39) from A Snail’s Pace Running Club with 25:57 and Miguel Batista (M15) 26:18 of the Equalizers Track Club

In the women’s division Erika Aklufi (F35) of The Janes Elite Racing won with a time of 28:26. In a parallel of the men’s finish, Aklufi was also followed by a top masters competitor, Nathalie Higley (F42) of Club Ed Running, finishing in 28:38. 2nd and 3rd place in the open division went to Leilani Rios (F32) from A Snail’s Pace Running Club running 29:50, and Nichole Slykhouse (F22) also of Cal Coast Track Club finishing in 30:00 flat.

USATF Southern California is home to some of the best masters athletes in the United States, so it was no surprise to see Cushing-Murray joined by fellow Cal Coast Track Club runners Ken Ernst (M50) 26:17 and Matt Ebiner (M50) 26:33, giving Cal Coast Track Club a sweep of the men’s masters. In a replay of the Redondo Beach 2012 10 km Championships results, Higley was followed across the finish line by Tania Fischer, 29:16, also of the Janes, with Higley’s teammate from Club Ed Running Alison Atkinson taking 3rd place with 30:39.

In the youth competition, the Equalizers Track Club and the So Cal Roadrunners continue to use the Brea 8K to showcase some of the most promising runners in Southern California. While only 62 Equalizers competed in the large field of 3,000 runners, two thirds of the Equalizers finished in the top 10% of all runners. 

Local coverage of the Brea 8K, including USATF.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 USATF Southern California 10K Championships - Redondo Beach Superbowl Sunday 10K

February 5, 2012

Contributing Members of USATF Southern California

Unseasonably warm and sunny weather as well as majestic views of the Pacific Ocean greeted the nearly 3500 runners who came out to Redondo Beach for what was billed as “Southern California’s greatest Super Bowl Celebration!”  The 34th annual Redondo Beach Super Bowl Sunday 10K, known as being one of the more challenging road courses in Southern California, rewards those who take a patient and strategic approach to the race.  It is also the 2012 USATF Southern California 10 km Championships race.

Fresh off the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston, Mary Akor (F35) took home the women’s Open 10K Championship with a time of 34:16. Placing 11th overall, she dominated the women’s open field and beat her nearest competitor, Erika Aklufi (F35) 35:56, of The Janes Elite Racing, by more than 90 seconds. Akor has qualified for several Olympic Trials, and is now a member of the local addidas Legacy Run Racing team, which includes 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials competitors Jimmy Grabow and Charlie Serrano. The bronze medal for women’s open was presented to Kim Ramirez (F29) running 38:34, joining The Janes Elite Racing team member Erika Aklufi for a podium finish.

Luis Ibarra (M31) of Nike Team Run LA, coming off an impressive win in LA King’s 5K, took the men’s Open 10K Championship. Ibarra notched his second consecutive Grand Prix victory in the men’s open division with a time of 30:59. Following Ibarra was Cal Coast Track Club standout runner Gabriel Hernandez (M32) running 32:10. Local hero Humberto Sanchez (M36) of Club Ed Running was the third place men’s open finisher in 34:41.

In the masters division, Redondo Beach resident Nathalie Higley (F42) and 2011 USATF Southern California Grand Prix Champion Tania Fischer (F45) contested the Masters 10K Championship to the finish line.  It was Higley who had a little extra at the end, edging Fischer by a second to cross the tape at 35:58, to Fischer’s 35:59. Higley is no stranger to the Grand Prix circuit, having won the 2010 Masters 10K Championship as well as the 2011 Masters Half Marathon Championship. With 9 races remaining in the 2012 Southern California Association Grand Prix, Fischer of The Janes Elite Racing and Higley of Club Ed Running can look forward to renewing their acquaintance soon.  Alison Atkinson (F45) took 3rd place with a time of 37:53, also representing Club Ed Running.

Ken Ernst (M50) of the Compex Racing team improved on his second place finish in the LA King’s 5K to take the men’s Masters 10K Championship.  Ernst, who had hoped to give himself a 50th birthday present by breaking 33 minutes in the 10K, realized early on that he would have trouble maintaining the rhythm necessary for such a time on the hilly course. Instead, he sat on a pack of runners which included 2011 Masters 10K Champion Nicholas Bowden (M40), 33:52. Making his move with a little over a mile to go, Ernst pulled away on the final uphill and cruised to his first masters win at a 2012 Grand Prix Championship race with a time of 33:24. Ernst, who is currently at the top of the Grand Prix standings, will look to further cement his position at the Brea 8K in late February. Jon Megeff (M48) finished 34:11 for third place, adding more points to the building Club Ed Running total.

In the team competition 2011 Southern California Grand Prix winner Club Ed Running, with 4302 age-graded points scored at Redondo Beach, decisively beat out The Janes Elite Racing, 4089 points, and Cal Coast Track Club, 4060 points. Club Ed have carried last year’s success over into 2012. The Southern California clubs will send their long distance specialists to the next 2012 Championships race, the Honda LA Marathon, in mid-March.