Sunday, April 5, 2009

SCA Youth Scholarship

All Southern California Association 2009 Graduating Seniors

The members of the scholarship committee, as well as all those involved in the Southern California Association of USATF, would like to say congratulations on a job well done for completing the mandatory requirements for high school set forth by the State of California and your upcoming graduations.

Each year, the Youth Committee of the association awards scholarships to as many as six (6) graduating student/athletes. You are receiving this package from your coach, a mentor, or someone who cares enough for your name to be in the selection process. However, you can only become a possible candidate for one of the awards given for the 2009 graduation year, if you respond and submit a complete scholarship application.

This scholarship application includes athletic participation and achievement in track & field/cross country as criteria for award and may conflict with NCAA Bylaw Article 15, Financial Aid, Section 15.01.3. Potential applicants who anticipate receiving financial aid should check with their college's financial aid/NCAA compliance officer to determine if you are eligible for this scholarship before applying.

Download SCA Youth Scholarship Application (PDF)