Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 SCA Mountain, Ultra, Trail Report

This is the 2012 United States of America Track and Field (USATF) Southern California Association Mountain Ultra Trail (MUT) Report from the 2012 Southern California Ultra Runners Grand Prix Series. The Series roster as of December, 2012, for the Southern California Ultra Runners Grand Prix Series was at 45 participants, with 9 runners registered as USA Track and Field members. Given California’s economic trends, USATF participation continues unpredictable for 2012 and 2013. We are hopeful that forwarding USATF emails and other USATF on-line news items will help increase the enthusiasm for belonging to the Southern California Ultra Runners Grand Prix Series and USA Track and Field for 2012 and 2013 as we continue to promote USA Track and Field and the benefits of membership.

The 2012 Southern California Grand Prix Ultra Series had 20 event dates and 23 event distances for 2012, including the USATF Southern California Association 50k Trail Championship at the High Desert 50k in December. For 2013, the High Desert 50k event will again represent USATF Southern California Association as the 50k Trail Championship.

For 2013, the Series will have 23 event dates and 28 event distances, including the 2013 Southern California USA Track and Field 50-mile Trail Championship. We have added five ultra events on the 2013 Series Calendar. The Series offers a unique variety of running courses and challenges. Events range from the trails on Catalina Island to the unpredictable High Desert. This includes all areas from the San Diego area to the west San Fernando Valley. And, if you like mountains and forests, our events include the Santa Monica Mountains, the Coastal Mountains of the Los Padres Forest, the San Gabriel Mountains of the Angeles Forest, the Cleveland Forest, and the San Bernardino Forest. All the additions will increase the popularity of the existing calendar.

For the second consecutive year, Race Directors Steve and Anny Harvey offer the Nanny Goat 24/12 Hour,….the Ultra Series’ only 24/12 Hour event. What makes this event uniquely special is that each “lap” is totally counted for each runner. Yes, each runner knows the place of every other runner, both in front AND behind them.

Here’s how Series points are tabulated…..Points are tabulated for each race using this formula: 100 mile, 100k, 50 mile, 50k: The winner’s time is divided by the individual’s time. Then that decimal is multiplied by the distance (in miles). In the 12/24 hour: the runner’s miles are divided by the winner's miles (to establish a percentage). Then that is multiplied by the maximum possible points (100 in a 24 hour/ 50 in a 12 hour). If the winner runs less than 100 miles in a 24 hour or less than 50 miles in a 12 hour, that 2 distance will be used to calculate total points. The maximum point total for any 24 hour run is 100 points and 50 points for 12 hour runs.

For 2012, Ricardo Ornelas of San Dimas won the Series Overall Crown and the Mileage Crown with 305.4 points and 732.7 Series race miles. Former Series Champion and USATF member Jack Cheng of Temple City followed with 222.7 points. Tin Tse was the Men’s Mileage Runner-up with 485.7 Series race miles. Yen Darcy, USATF member, won both the Women’s Overall Crown, with 190.8 points, and the Women’s Mileage Crown, with 479.5 miles. Yen’s mileage total was third overall amongst men and women. The ageless woman-wonder Haw Ja Andrade, 71, USATF member of Cypress, California was the Women’s Mileage Runner-up with 160.0 Series race miles.

For the Complete Series Results and schedule go to The following text is a wrap-up of the 2012 year-long Southern California Ultra Runners Grand Prix Series events. Please read and enjoy. AND PLEASE….JOIN USATF TODAY! You will support much needed programs while increasing your health insurance, if you get injured!! USATF Insurance covers emergency Helicopter lifts!

MEN Point total BEST 6 races Series Races Miles AGE
Ricardo Ornelas 305.4 16 732.7 30-39
Jack Cheng 222.7 5 342.5 30-39
Tin Tse 249.4 10 485.7 40-49
Larry Rich 200.7 8 389.0 50-59
Larry Ramaekers 149.5 5 224.0 60-69
Bill Dickey 52.6 3 112.0 70+
WOMEN Point total BEST 6 races Series Races MILES AGE
Yen Darcy 190.8 11 479.5 50-59
Nancy Tinker 32.4 2 62.0 60-69
Haw Ja Andrade 103.8 3 160.0 70-79