Monday, December 27, 2010

LA84 Track & Field Clinics

December 27, 2010

Hi Friends:

Several people asked for a copy of the full agenda for the free Jan 8, 2011, LA84 Foundation Track & Field clinic that will be offered at Paramount High School.

Once you have a chance to download the attached agenda, your biggest dilemma is going to be to try to figure out which great sessions and coaches you will choose from the all the incredible offerings presented throughout the day.

Not only will you have a chance to attend hours of sessions offered on every single event area in high school track but you will also have a chance to learn about the basic biomechanics that affect every event, how to properly teach kids to come out of blocks, active warm up techniques, plyometrics, developing training plans, the keys to success in the relays, and much more from some of the greatest coaches in the sport.

Remember, this clinic, as well as the Advanced Clinic offered on Jan 22 at Mt. SAC, are both free for all coaches and interested adults who would like to attend.

We will once again be back at the wonderful facility at Paramount High School--Paramount is centrally located to everyone in Southern California (it is just about five minutes west of Cerritos College--home of the CIF SS, Masters Meet, and state meet when it is in Southern California). Take a look.... .

If you have any questions or want additional information, please call Devin Elizondo (323-730-4618) or Tim O’Rourke (626-253-0693).

Also, remember, there will be three more great clinics offered in 2011....
Jan 22 - Advanced Track Clinic - Mt SAC
Feb 20 - Beginning Clinic - Birmingham HS
Feb 27 - Beginning Clinic - Moorpark HS

You can register for any one of these three great free clinics by going to our web site....

Select 2011 Track & Field Clinics in the blue column on the left side of the page.

Hope to see you at Paramount HS on Jan 8.

Tim O'Rourke

December 19, 2010

Hi Friends:

Get yourself excited and better prepared for the 2011 track season by attending one of the four great free LA84 Foundation Track & Field Clinics, which will be held in Southern California during January and February and feature many of the finest college and high school coaches in the country as presenters.

Our first free clinic will be the Beginning/Intermediate level clinic that will be held on Saturday, January 8, 2011 at Paramount High School. This clinic will have a minimum of six hours of instruction in all seven event areas: Sprints, Hurdles, Distances, High Jump, Long/Triple Jump, Throws and Pole Vault—as well as additional sessions on basic block technique, 4 x 100 relay success, dynamic warm up, and others.

Our second free clinic will be our Advanced Clinic, which will feature the legendary USC coach, Ron Allice, and his USC coaching staff along with several other outstanding presenters. There will be more than 40 sessions offered in every event area at the Advanced clinic, which will be held at Mt. SAC College in Walnut.

We will offer two more free Beginning Level Clinics on Sunday, February 20, at Birmingham High School in Los Angeles, and on Sunday, February 27, at Moorpark High School in Ventura.

Not only is each clinic absolutely free to all coaches and interested adults who would like to attend but each attendee will also receive a free CD that contains the 457 page LA84 Track & Field Coaching manual.

Any coach at any level or other interested adult can pre-register for the clinic, see the full clinic agenda, and get clinic directions at our web site: .

You can also get additional information by calling Devin Elizondo at the LA84 Foundation (323-730-4618) or clinic director, Tim O’Rourke (626-253-0693).

Thanks a million,

Tim O'Rourke